Thursday, March 5, 2009

new blog!

The wedding was just wonderful! Many of you were there, and we thank you so much for coming to celebrate our special day with us. We had a great time, and felt everything was just perfect. We couldn't have been happier.  Thanks especially to family and friends for your help. Gary Finlinson was particularly kind in letting us use his home/yard. The weather cooperated well, making the outdoor reception just beautiful. Live music by Aaron and Rusty was also fabulous!

So between marriage, family time, Church stuff, the internship, the dissertation, applying for jobs, and helping put together a July conference in Mexico City, I have not found time to blog! It's a shame because I sure enjoy it. Taryn, on the other hand, is documenting the first weeks and months of our married life at She's doing a great job, and has a few fun posts. I am going to try to contribute to it more as well. 

Entonces, any of you interested in reading fun tangents about our newly-wed life, please add to your list of fav blogs. We'll upload more pics from our wedding as soon as they come in. 



Patrice said...

I love this picture of you two :)

Gus said...

Oye condenado. ¿Cuando me ibas a decir que vas a ser papá?.